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FUZE+ 5 Step Dilator Set

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FUZE+ dilators form a complete set of graduated silicone exercisers developed especially for people experiencing painful intercourse.

The new, ergonomic design combines decades of experience, consultation with medical experts and clinical trials at Queen's University. Featuring a flexible medical grade silicone to follow the natural contours of your body. There is a gently tapered tip for easy insertion and a sturdy, ergonomic handle that is comfortable to grasp. 

Steps 1-3 are 100% solid silicone, which slowly increase in length and width. Steps 4 & 5 also increase in length & width, and further, they also feature a hollow base which has been designed as a space for a bullet vibrator.

Steps 1-5 are also available individually.


  • Insertable Dimensions: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”


Simply clean with soap and warm water. Please make sure to rinse well, as some people are sensitive to soap residue. The dilator may be air dried and stored wrapped in a clean towel or placed in a ziplock bag.

As silicone is unaffected by higher temperatures, it is safe to clean in a dishwasher if you like, boil, or even autoclave, to ensure they are fully sanitized. Please ensure that they do not boil dry as extreme temperatures, above 200 degrees C, can affect the silicone.

Designed with love in Canada. Made with pride in USA.