The Trans Woman’s Ultimate Guide To Bras

Support For All: A Trans Girl’s Guide To Buying A Bra

Today's trans women have more options than ever when choosing how to express themselves – that includes a wider variety of bras and breast forms! But there is one big problem when trans girls go out to buy their first bras or breast forms: they don’t know where to start. 

There are so many choices, cuts, and colours, and it can be tempting to go for whichever is the most visually appealing. While fit matters infinitely more than form when it comes to achieving a feminine silhouette, many ready-to-wear options are designed with cis women in mind. That’s why some trans women – especially those with wide rib cages – may have difficulty finding an off-the-rack bra that complements their figure. 

But that doesn’t mean a trans girl with a broad torso is out of options. Many trans-friendly brands are developing undergarments to suit a wide range of body shapes – from slender girls to curvy ladies. Read on to find out everything you need to know about shopping for bras and breast forms as a transgender woman! 

Types Of Bras To Consider

The perfect bra can make any woman feel ten times more confident, but finding the right one can take some time. This section describes three types of garments you may want to consider when shopping for your first bra! 

Regular Bra

Putting the word “regular” beside bra doesn’t do it justice. Because there are so many different shapes, strap patterns, underwires, and silhouettes, there isn’t one “regular” type of bra. 

As a transgender woman, all options are on the table when choosing your first brassiere. However, we recommend starting with a T-shirt bra. T-shirt bras are made of thin, smooth material and usually have an underwire to support breasts. The cups are contoured to provide a curved look under any outfit – making them an excellent choice for trans girls just starting out. 


Bralettes are like bras, except they don’t have any molded pads or underwires. Usually fashioned from soft cotton or lace, these semi-supportive bras are great for trans women that don’t like the tight feeling of underwired alternatives. 

That said, bralettes are more versatile than underwear – some girls choose to wear them as part of their outfits! There is one drawback to wearing a bralette as a trans woman, though: wearing silicone pads to fill them out can be tricky. However, you may still be able to wear breast forms if they’re adequately secured with skin-safe adhesive. 

urBasics Satin Bralette

Pocket Bra

While pocket bras were initially designed for cis women after getting mastectomies, many manufacturers have started producing them with trans women in mind. Pocket bras are comfortable garments designed with little pouches in the cups to accommodate a breast form or other similar prosthetic. Pocket bras can be worn even without a silicone insert if you’re after their unbeatable comfort. 

urBasics Lace Bling Pocket Bra

An Alternative To Bras: Breast Forms Explained

Every trans woman wants to feel good in her own skin, and breast forms are an excellent way to feel affrimed in their femininity in their day-to-day lives. 

Breast forms are synthetic breasts fashioned from silicone or foam that come in various shapes, sizes, and skin tones. That means you can customize your silhouette and swap out sizes based on how you feel! These prosthetic breasts can be adhered directly onto your skin or slipped into special bras with breast form compartments sewn in.

Unclockable Bra Buds

The following section discusses the different types of breast forms you can purchase, as well as a few tips on how to get them situated for everyday use. Additionally, we review how each shape can help you create the silhouette you're aiming for.

Breast Form Shapes 

There are two main classifications of breast form shapes: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Each shape has its purpose, and there isn’t one “best shape” that suits everyone’s figure. While finding the right fit for your body usually requires a bit of trial and error, reading guides (like this one!) and reviews can help you make better decisions from the start. 


Oval, round, teardrop, and triangle-shaped breast forms are all considered symmetrical prosthetics because they come in identical pairs. They’re usually designed to resemble natural breasts and provide a seamlessly feminine figure. However, they all deliver different results when worn, and some folks may want to keep several types handy to suit their outfits. 

Here are a few examples of symmetrical breast forms and the body types they pair well with:

  • Oval breast forms: Oval breast forms are generally wider and flatter than other types of prosthetic boobs. Their low-profile form will flatter folks who want a more subtle lift.
  • Round breast forms: Round breast forms are exactly what they sound like – circular, high-profile prosthetics that can amp up a feminine figure. They sit quite low on the chest and flatter wider frames of 36” inches and above.
  • Teardrop/Pear breast forms: Teardrop/Pear breast forms are the most natural-looking option. While teardrop/pear prosthetics are usually on the smaller side, some manufacturers make wider versions to flatter bodies with broader torsos.
  • Triangle breast forms: Triangle breast forms are usually quite wide and can easily fill out bras belonging on wider girls. They are also generally a little more concave than other options, allowing them to sit comfortably over any chest tissue.


Asymmetrical breast forms are specialized prosthetics that can come in full sets of two or as single items. Breast forms in this category are generally designed for women who have had mastectomies. Still, trans girls who feel their chest tissue is uneven may also want to consider these personalized options. Unlike symmetrical breast forms, many asymmetrical prosthetics are made-to-order and sit on the more expensive side of the scale. 

Wearing Breast Forms Without A Bra

Breast forms can be worn without a bra, but this does require a bit of time and effort. Adhering breast forms directly to your chest may help you feel freer in your day-to-day life because the prosthetics won’t slip around in your bra. 

We recommend using skin-safe adhesive or spirit gum for a long-lasting, semi-permanent bond between your chest tissue and breast form. If it’s your first time using this method, or if you’re trying out a new brand of adhesive, apply a small amount on your arm to check for any allergic reactions before proceeding. 

Finding a natural spot to stick your breast forms on may take a while, but understanding what type of look you want will help the process immensely. 

Wearing Breast Forms With A Bra

If you have a pocket bra ready, then wearing your breast forms becomes incredibly easy. Simply slip your silicone or foam fillers into the designated pocket, and you’re ready to go! Regular bras can also be customized to function as pocket bras in a pinch, but this requires a bit of stitchery know-how. 

The beauty of using your breast forms with a pocket bra is that they will not drift around during physical activity, providing you with a more secure feeling. 

However, we believe trans women deserve products fashioned with their bodies in mind – that’s why we're commited to creating pocket bras that will affirm and empower them in their day-to-day lives. Check our product page and take a look at what we've got on offer!


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