Trans Guy’s Guide To STP Packers

Everything You Need To Know About Using An STP

For lots of trans guys, being able to stand while urinating can relieve feelings of dysphoria in day-to-day life. But when you’re new to STPs, that can be a little difficult and frustrating to achieve. 

The STPsor stand to pee prosthetics, allows trans masc and non-binary folks the comfort of feeling affirmed and the freedom to go whereverwhenever, and however they want. 

But finding the right product can be confusing when you don’t have all the information you need. Read on to find out everything you need to know about STPs, including:

  • The different types of STPs
  • How to clean and care for your prosthetics
  • Choosing the right product for you
  • Our recommendations

What Is An STP?

STP is a common shorthand for a stand to pee prosthetic device. STPs are meant to aid in urinating while standing, whether in the comfort of your home or out in public restrooms.

STP come in all shapes and forms, from realistic-looking with a carefully designed silicone shaft to more funnel-like plastic products that are easy to clean and carry. Realistic-looking prosthetics can come in different skin tones and sizes to suit your choice, while its hard plastic counterpart is sold in nearly every colour.

The Packer + STP - urBasics

The Packer + STP by TranStore

Choosing an STP can be initially be a little confusing, but being well-informed can make the process so much easier!   

Tips For Using STPs

Whether you’re using a hard plastic STP or a classic STP packer, it can take a little bit of time and work to get everything working smoothly. A lucky few can make it work perfectly the first time, but the vast majority of people will need some practice before they feel comfortable enough to use it outside.

When preparing yourself for using an STP, we recommend that you:

  •  Practice At Home

It is easy to get swept up in the fact that you can now stand while peeing in public restrooms! However, for a mess-free experience, we recommend slowing down and practicing.

When practicing with your STP for the first time, you may feel most comfortable testing it out at home. Even seemingly small things like thigh size or less-than-optimal pelvic floor strength can make it a bit of a messy experience. We suggest trying your device in the shower; aside from being relatively easy to clean up afterward, being in the shower helps you temper your pee stream and minimize any potential spillage.

Think of it this way: practice makes perfect, so if you can successfully use your STP at home, then taking it out into the world should be a walk in the park!

  • Wear the Right Underwear

Wearing the right underwear when you’re in public can  make or break your experience using STPs. We recommend wearing underwear with a fly hole for easy access, especially if you're wearing a harness to keep your realistic STPs in place.

However, some folks may have a bit of trouble getting their packers around the folds of their underwear. One option is to wear underwear with a Built-In hole in the first layer of the fabric so you can easily pull the STP around the outer layer. This practice is especially useful for folks that spend all day wearing heavy-duty belts and want a more convenient alternative. Some folks will simply pull down your waistband order to relieve themselves in a public place. It’s really up to personal preference when finding what works best for you.


urBasics 2-in-1 Packing Boxers
  • Don’t Wait Until The Last Second

Timing is very important, and waiting until you really have to go can make using your STP gear very uncomfortable. Controlling your pee flow can be a challenge when you really need to go and accidents are bound to happen. Head to the washroom as soon as you feel the need, your bladder and STP will thank you and you will be a happy camper.

STP Care And Cleaning

STPs come into contact with very intimate areas so, naturally, hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities. Since STP devices are made from different materials, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cleaning your device.

For silicone packer/STP, we recommend regular washing with warm water and oil-free soap, and the use of cornstarch after cleaning your device to remove the sticky post-wash feeling as well as to reduce chafing during day-to-day use.

Some folks who prefer a more minimalist STP approach might use funnel-like products made of plastic or rubber, which are very easy to clean and maintain. Like dual-purpose STP packers, these unobtrusive funnels can be washed in the shower and must be left to air dry.

The best approach is always to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and caring for your STP.

How To Choose The Right STP

One STP may work for a specific user but completely miss the mark for another – and that’s just part of the process. Checking out different product reviews is incredibly helpful when finding good gear to suit your needs.  The following questions can help to make decision:

  • Will I use my STP in a private place, or will I be taking it outdoors?
  • Do I want one that looks realistic, like a packer?
  • What’s my ideal price range?

Our Top Picks

With intended use, shape and price in mind, finding the right one should be easier. You can also check out our top picks below – these can suit almost everyone.

For First-Time Users: The pStyle

Some folks may feel overwhelmed by more realistic STP packing options when picking out their first product, if this is your case, we recommend starting with good beginner-friendly products like the pStyle STP.

pStyle STP with case - urBasics
pStyle STP

The small funnel in this plastic device is a great first step that makes peeing while standing a bit easier. This model is well designed, made from rigid plastic, and is inconspicuous enough to allow for easy transportation and cleaning. It is also dishwasher-safe.

If On-The-Go: GoGirl STP

Despite its gendered branding, the GoGirl STP is a great low-price option. Unlike the pStyle, the GoGirl STP is designed with flexibility in mind.

That means it can be rolled up and taken out camping, on a long hike, or even mountain climbing. Because this STP is designed to fit flush against your body to form a secure seal, spillage and backflow are less of an issue than options with a smaller liquid reservoir.

For Those Who Prefer a Handheld: Packer Gear STP

Packer Gear's affordable STP is a great choice for a beginner since it functions primarily as a pee funnel with a large bowl and a wide hollow shaft, which makes practicing a breeze. This device is not great for packing as its walls are thin but on the firmer side.  The quality is not close to the other silicone STP models we offer. This packer is made from pliable, hypoallergenic silicone, and is body-safe, unscented and phthalate free.

Packer Gear STP - urBasics

Packer Gear STP

For the Affordable Dual STP/Packer: The Packer + STP from TransStore

Direct from Brazil, TransStore Packer + STP is an excellent multi-purpose choice for those who want an STP and packing device rolled into one package.  This multi-purpose STP is a flexible prosthetic constructed to resemble a flaccid penis that gives you volume while offering a thoughtful, sloped design that makes peeing while standing a breeze.

The Packer + STP - urBasics

The Packer + STP by TranStore

For Top Notch, Dual Purpose: The Emisil Compact STP

Europe’s favourite, the Compact STP from Emisil, is our top of the line selection of STPs and features the most realistic look in the market.

The Emisil comes at a higher price point but offers and ergonomic design that is small enough for packing with the functionality of on-hand use. This is a silicone STP, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

 Emisil Compact STP - urBasics

Emisil Compact STP

Buying a stand to pee prosthetic can initially be a little confusing, but being well-informed can make the process so much easier. If you're interested in STPs and are looking to start on your journey, head over to our product page and take a look at what we've got to offer!


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