T Rex Pack 'n Play: 5 in 1 (5.1 inches) - unpainted

T Rex Pack 'n Play: 5 in 1 (5.1 inches) - unpainted

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The unpainted T Rex Pack'n Play  by TranStore is a prosthesis handmade of a high quality silicone that mimics human skin.

The T Rex is designed to have the greatest possible realism in its functions. Can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. You can use all the packer functions or just some of them. It can be used for everyday life and for sex. It is extremely soft and supple, unlike sex shop's options.  

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 This packer has 5 functions:

  • Penetration (sex)
  • Volume in underwear 
  • Stand to Pee (STP) 
  • Provide pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Stroker/Masturbator                                                                                                   

This packer includes the NewZ (Yellow) rod:

    • NewZ rod: This rod is made of silicone and will make the packer erect, very similar to the erect penis. It will be rigid, but not so hard, still having movements. When moving, the material will return to the straight position. 


    Before and after use, wash the product with cold water and mild soap. Let it dry naturally. Keep in a clean, dry place out of the sun. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube.


    • Total Length: 5.90"
    • Penis Length: 5.1"
    • Weight: 9.8 oz


    Do not share your product, thus avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

    Do not use this product on inflamed, swollen areas or on lacerated skin.

    In case of irritation, seek a doctor.

    Always use a condom.